Is online Education the way forward for International students ?

Last few days the media has been quiet busy reporting press releases on the online Education. I am sharing most of the articles and they are:
These are substantial press releases in the world of International Education and such news were non visible a few years ago. One will easily conclude that the future belongs to online / digital Education and to an extent it is true. However, most of the International students may not prefer to study online. This is due to the fact that for an International student studying overseas itself is an experience which gives an exposure to the academic world, different culture, work environment and so on and no technology can replicate that experience. Hence, making future projections of International student online enrolments / assumptions by a few Universities may not be a realistic approach all together.
Online Education is certainly a product for the Indian corporate world which the Universities need to explore more in depth. Indian corporates do spend substantial resources on training and enhancing the skills of its employees.  The ground reality is that corporate market not only requires a serious thought but also requires a new business process of delivering training / skill ehancement and that too at a competative price in India.

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