Time to change the mindset. Approach towards Jobs needs to be changed.

Who doesn’t want a full time job on graduation ? Frankly, everyone wants it. However, the approach towards employment needs to be changed. Days are gone where graduates would secure a decent job after graduation. I am sharing an article / film / URL have degree, will work which is based on the difficulties international students face in attempting to work.

We are in a global world with borderless economies and hence we at Take off Education (your career designers) believe that careers needs to be designed way ahead at a very young age.  The student needs to focus on short term / long term goals before even selecting the University, course, country of study and so on.

One also needs to work on the back up plan incase if the jobs are not available after graduation. I am sharing popular free lance portal odesk wherein the student can earn decent income during and after graduation too.
Lets not forget that the prime objective of any Education provider / University is to provide Education and not to offer jobs. Though there are many Universities who offer exposure to career fairs and so on but should be considered as a bonus during studies.



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