What is Career designing ?

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your support for the ongoing Take off Education campaign on the Facebook and other social medias. I am in receipt of various feedbacks and from now on every week I will be sharing my thoughts on career designing across various subjects / faculties.
This blog is purely with a view of increasing awareness for the students who are studying and also for the people who are working. Needless to mention that there is no age for learning and Education.
Let me start todays write up by sharing simple FAQ’s……
1. What is career designing ?
Planning your career considering your skills, interest, Education opportunities with future work opportunities.
2. Is Education necessary to progress in life ?
 To progress in life one needs to have a vision and hence Education is necessary.
3. But Education is expensive and hence what are the options ? 
Just like other assets such as shares, real estate, fixed deposits, Gold, provident funds, Education is also an asset which needs investment of time, efforts and resources.
4. Is Education available in India ?
 Any format of Education is good. But how much value it will add will depend upon your short term and long term goals in life.
5. How much resources one needs to consider while evaluating Education options 
 The amount of resources varies from the course & the Education provider the student opts.
6. Is job guaranteed during and after Education ?
 Even today there are online projects (jobs) available on the internet and they pay well too. But whether you qualify to execute the project depends on the skills, Education and past experience.
7. Will Career designing give success in life ? 
 Yes if you are true to yourself and no if you take shortcuts.
8. I have seen lot of people changing careers and why is it so ?
 People who don’t plan careers end up switching professions and valuable time, efforts & resources are wasted. Lack for Career planning / designing is the reason for changing careers and so on.
9. So what do you suggest at the end ?
 Spend time thinking about your future, where you are working with your passion and not due to compulsion.
10. How do I start the process ?
 Contact us on  info@takeoffeducation.com  and we will guide you step by step.

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